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This is a good choice for business. In fact - orders, products, user's GPS locations as customers or workers is the base objects for manipulation. Easy start for businessman to organize business information structured storage.


Application Forms

Start UI form with SignIn and Register buttons. At the top of Start form link for next UI form with easy registration (by SignUp) or Try Demo provides.

SignIn and Register UI forms for login and new user registration (Forgot password link for email sending from passwords recovery service by Phone number).

Before user registration Cognalis phone verify provider mobile app framework check user's phone number (Registration has been completed after success phone number verified). Left side Sliding panel UI Menu and User Profile UI form (Transport information can be inputs only for Driver user's type).

Settings, Messages and Orders history UI forms for putting API key to the Android app, chat for users and user's orders preview.

Taxi Booking on Pickup-Dropoff UI form with selecting Address for Booking. Book now for Taxi Booking from Pickup to Dropoff Locations. Searching Location Address of Pickup-Dropoff using Google Places framework

The Android app in Customer or Driver mode works. To switch on/off mode need to click on Car/Figure flat round button.

At the bottom of Booking form Order Calculation button for Order Amount price, Route Length and Route Time duration calculate.

Sales UI form with Sales Left side menu activated. At the top of Sales form Table information about User's Orders.

Orders UI form with Ordes Left side menu activated. At the top of Orders form Orders history information about User's orders has been sent.

Transports UI form with Transports Left side menu activated. At the top of Transports form Transport Order by User on Date and Time (with a number of Hours time duration).


  • Android Studio (for Android mobile app)
  • NetBeans (for Web API and Website)
  • MySQL (for Database backend)


  • Setup MySQL Database and setup backend dump as sql file
  • Setup Apache Tomcat web server (or other with Java servlet technology support) and setup skyDrakkar servlet with Web API, Control Panel and demo website
  • Setup Android Studio and open Android mobile app project for reskin and add a new functionality


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