PHP Exam System Script

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This is a Multiple Choice Online Quiz/Exam System especially designed and developed for the Educational Institutes like Schools, Computer Learning Centers, Tutors, Collages etc. The backend script is written in PHP(OOP) and it will help you to take Exams Online with all the features that you need. The main or major part of the Application is Admin Control Panel, By using this you can control the whole system as Administrator. Here you can do a lot of stuff Like Add Student, Set Exam Name or Course Name, Set Exam Timing, Set Questions and Answers, Manage Admin Users, Generate Auto Results and so on. Now it's time to talk about the Student Exam Panel in short. Here students will give their Online Test or Exam. To access this Exam Panel the Registered Students will have to log in with their valid login credentials. So for more clear Information, you should go for a live demo.


  •   Fully Responsive design supports small devices like Smartphone, Tablet, I-   Phone etc.
  •   View data in Chart Graphics and Datatables
  •   Built in PHP(OOP) so you can integrate it with the existing PHP/HTML Website
  •   Add, Update, Delete actions will perform through Ajax request without page refresh
  •   Easy to Use and Maintain
  •   Lightweight module for fast loading
  •   Supports HTML5 formats
  •   Easy and Understandable code with well commented for Web Developers
  •   Browser friendly(Supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari)
  •   Neat and Clean URLS
  •   Students will be logged out automatically after exam duration over
  •   Add Question with it's Answer Options and Correct Answer at one time
  •   Add Admin Panel users according to user type
  •   Generate result for a particular student with his/her Given exam details
  •   Generate results for all Students at one time
  •   Very simple and understandable Application to operate
  •   Does'nt take much time to load and render in low Internet connection


  •   PHP 5.1 + with PDO support
  •   MYSQL 5 +
  •   Localhost Server Xampp or Wamp or Mamp(Only in case of local installation on   PC)
  •   Apache Mod_Rewrite Enabled


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