Dvee Store - CMS with PayPal

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Dvee is an Ecommerce system build on a solid modular CodeIgniter framework. It’s a simple and convenient way to setup, monitor and manage your store. Dvee is built to help you to start selling your products with very little effort and simple modules and packages like inventory management, order management, online payments, a robust shopping cart and much more.


  • Product Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Banner Manager
  • Order Manager
  • User Manager
  • System Tools
  • Database Backup including files
  • Factory Reset


  • Product sorting based on price and attributes
  • Search algorithm with relevance sorting
  • Familiar and intuitive design
  • Search Engine Optimized URLs
  • A powerful shopping cart
  • User order management
  • System Tools
  • Database Backup including files
  • Factory Reset


User Test, 02.08.2017
It gives me all I want and need.
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