Jun 2018

3 Mistakes in eCommerce That Will Slim Chances of Customer Retention

A commercial business becomes easy when you handle it well in all aspects. You have got to handle several things and manage them properly. First of all, you should stand to your decisions and try to make things easier for the customers throughout the shopping process. You should think in wide perspective to provide an ideal ecommerce business platform for your customers in different aspects.

The companies should provide necessary services that ecommerce businesses are being expected to offer to their customers. You have to provide easy and trusted services to attract the online visitors to make them your potential customers. You got to serve them a dedicated platform to increase the number of your customers, and not to lose your clients by any fatal mistakes. You have got to set some goals, identify obstructions and potential drawbacks to provide smooth purchasing for the customers at every step.

The three most serious mistakes which can result in slim chances of customer retention are mentioned below:

Avoid Testing Your Website Design

Your ecommerce website designing may become one of the main fatal mistakes. Your website is the first and central part of your business that represents you online. Therefore, you should be  really careful about  ORDERING your ecommerce website DESIGN from a professional web design and development agency. Many businessmen do not understand this major fact and their slight mistake can convert their businesses from benefits to loss. So, get it designed as a user-friendly and purely responsive website so that people can visit through all devices easily. The visitors can easily use it on their handsets and control their purchasing efficiently. Before making it live, you should test all the flaws if they exist and remove them. Such flaws may include the design, web content,  infographics on your website, and product categories etc., which are the major things that customers see. The loading time also counts, so make sure the site loads well in time so that visitors return again due to  experiencing your website loading speed.

Inefficient Shipping Process

You should also be careful about your shipping process, and your moves should go in the right direction, especially your active shipment process, because inefficient shipping methods will not work to run a product-based ecommerce business. Therefore, you should manage the shipping process before you get assistance from ecommerce development experts. Also, make sure you are using the right logistics for managing your products to ship to your customers without any delays. Avoid mistakes in packaging processes as inefficiency of packaging, or late deliveries can ruin your entire business. All above mentioned inconveniences can create a costly burden to you and to your customers. These may lead you to losing your potential customers and won’t be able to retain them.

To Create an Account

Customers avoid shopping from such online shopping portals where account creation is necessary before purchasing any product. That’s why most of the customers leave and never return to such ecommerce sites. They have no time to create an account for a single time purchase or buying something is urgent. In fact, about twenty-three percent of customers said in a survey that they would leave their shopping cart if it is compulsory to create an account on any platform. It’s useless and time wasting to fill out an account creation form and provide additional personal data to the website for just buying a single product or incase of emergency.

Therefore, business owners should not compel their customers to create an account or become a member. The customers should be able  to shop required products and let them go happily. If they are being entertained well and  leave successfully, they will certainly return for more positive experience. You might lose your customer retention if you force your client to create an account. Thus, make sure you got a guest checkout option available for such potential customers on your website,  and they can leave after shopping with positive experience. However, the guest checkout option will provide clear chances that the customers will return, and after some time, they will create their accounts on their own. But, you must never force them to create an account or sign up for membership.

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