There’s an old saying: bad habits form from good intentions. When it comes to your site’s search engine ranking, it might be time to question some of these habits and ask yourself if they still work, or better yet, are they more of a hindrance than any help? To make it easier on you, here are five SEO habits that you need to break before Google gives your site the digital stink eye.

You’ve spent countless hours building the perfect app or reskinning that perfect app template. The interface is clean and responsive, all of the buttons work at they should, and it no longer crashes every five minutes. Time to upload it to the app store of your choice and watch the downloads roll in, right? As you may have already found out, it isn’t that simple. With over five million apps available to download, one of the biggest challenges developers face is getting their app noticed. This is where good App Store Optimization will help to set your app apart from the competition.

Virtual assistance has become an important element of business operation today. What many business owners fail to realize, however, is that virtual help is not a “fix-all” solution that works overnight. Like any branch of business, it takes planning, management, and time to work.

The web design industry produces new trends every month, if not more rapidly. Some of these trends make no sense at all; they are just visual niceties with no purpose. Others are exceptionally functional; they make our lives as website visitors and users much more pleasant and convenient. There are also trends that are visual, but still make a lot of sense. One of such visual trends is the use of authentic or genuine images in website design. This is actually the hottest trend right now. In this article, we are going to explore this design trend and see how your business can benefit from it.

Design of a business website is as important as the salesperson that greets a customer in a store. First impressions matter immensely. I don’t think there’s someone who will argue with this. If your website is well designed you can gain a lot of customers for your business with it, and poor design is sure to ruin your business sooner or later. People do not have time or patience for poor design anymore, the world is moving too fast, there is huge competition in any niche, so it’s much easier for your prospective customers to find a competitor than endure your poor design.

There is no single correct answer but there is a natural progression that most developers take. It’s easier to start with the basics and slowly move into studying the more detailed programming languages.