Mar 2017

A Guide to On-Page SEO

What is the main thing for a Google-friendly website? If you think that likes, tweets, and shares are on top, you, probably, are crying someone a river now.

To drive a quality traffic you need the first-class content. And be sure, a well-made optimization needs your efforts instead of Ctrl+C. This guide will help you highlight all the mistakes and will teach you how to fix them without driving you nuts. I would break this tutorial into 5 main parts. Let’s identify the main aspects that will help you take a full control over your site’s promotion.
  • SEO-friendly URLS. Learn 3 main rules of top-notch URLs and analyze your ups & downs on simple examples.
  • Titles and Meta Description. Explore the full power of goal title tags, discover the real importance of meta description, and learn how to frame your information with target headings.
  • Content and Keywords. Learn how to create and manage a relevant content and widespread it with accurate keywords.
  • Images and Illustrations. Remember some meaningful points of making your content more eye-catching.
  • Other Factors. Learn how to deal with UX/UI, Bot accessibility, and Metadata for increasing the quality of your site.
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