01 Fact
90% of all digital marketing outsourcing
engagements for SMB technology companies
are called off within the first 4 months.

02 Diagnosis
It is not the relevance of digital
platforms but the lack of strategy, skills and
short sighted investment that is responsible.

03 Profitable Digital Goals
We help you understand and find your customers, design effective and efficient marketing strategies.

We need to target your audience. By conducting the right types of research, we can shape a project plan and user experience that really resonates.

Before we begin building any associated digital tool, we warrant that we have a clear understanding of the project as well as the target audience and how users may interact with whatever tool or campaign we'll soon create. 

Every project starts with a blow-by-blow definition of the objectives as well as a game plan for executing on those objectives. We create a content strategy and project work stages, which our project managers strictly enforce. Creating a content strategy lets us answer many unknowns for future phases. It also defines a clear schedule that we will carefully meet.

We invite clients to collaborate on our preferred online project management tools to manage schedules, tasks lists, and project files all in one place.

We know that good work requires an even better partnership; our projects prosper through direct collaboration with our clients. Our approach is often referred to as designing websites from the inside out, and experience has proven that this approach is a particulary effective way to achieve the goals that have led clients to find the best solution.

We recognize that people who want great work are always busy. Don’t worry; our clear, consistent communication makes it easy to provide the information and insights we need to craft first-rate  websites. 

We interview key stakeholders—both internal and external—invested in the project to gather insights about overarching goals. This helps prioritize areas of focus. 

Similar in purpose to the stakeholder interviews, conducting user research arms us with the metrics needed to walk a while in the target user's shoes. This research lets us create a relatable snapshot of the target audience by way of fictional characters. Based on demographics and data-backed behavior patterns, we can demonstrate target users’ wants, needs, and motivations.

Establishing these personas provides valuable insight into the goals and expectations users have, letting us create interactive tools that consistently resonate with the intended audience.