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Anh Tua

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Here are some simple SEO tactics you can start to implement in order to catch the attention of search engine robots and gain a higher, more visible search results ranking:

You’ve probably heard the term “black hat SEO” before. But what does it mean?

Black hat SEO refers to using certain practices to increase a website’s or web pages rank in search results through means that violate the search engine’s terms of service.

If you are searching for an effective way to interact with customers on your site, then live chat software could be the tool you need. Live chat allows you to communicate with consumers easily and ultimately provide them with a service that they will find useful. Need proof? Check out this list of the nine benefits of live chat. With these live chat statistics, you can gain better understanding of why live chat is essential in the digital context, and why you should use live chat to stay ahead.

Having a mobile app for your business was once an optional investment but has now become a necessity to maintain a competitive edge. In fact, mobile searches have exceeded searches from stationary devices such as laptops and desktop computers.

More and more web applications are being developed these days. And with each line of code being written, the potential for bugs arises. Generally speaking, the costs of fixing bugs increase exponentially the later you find them.

We commonly visit different websites for various purposes or visit online purchase sites to do shopping. Most of the websites are well designed and properly optimized in all aspects. Visitors land on specific website to fulfill their needs instantly or go to any eCommerce website to buy something of their needs.