Fast Charge + Memory Stats App

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How it works?

  • App boost the battery charging speed.
  • This app stop all non-system background processes from the device to boost charging speed.
  • This app display details information about the device battery (battery technology, capacity, health, voltage and temperature).
  • Battery temperature help users to make decision when should off the device screen to cool down it battery.
  • While charging this app display charging elapsed time and how much time need to fully charged battery.
  • Finally, This app calculate the charging speed. It show the charging speed as this way, how many seconds take to charge one percent. So if the battery charging speed is 60 second then it take 60100 = 6000 seconds = 1 hour 40 minutes to full charge. If the device has 40 percent charge and charging speed is 60 seconds then it take 6060 = 3600 seconds = 1 hour to get full charged.
  • When battery get more one percent charge, this app show a toast notification.
  • This app also display how many percent charged after charging started.
  • App display charging method while charging.
  • App display a nice animation when battery get charged.
  • App display many cute icons to make the app more understandable.
  • App automatically open when device is plugged for charging.
  • App display device memory (RAM) status such as total memory size in MB/GB, used memory size, free memory size and free memory size in percentage.

How this app build?

  • This app build using Latest Android Studio 2.3
  • This app design based on Android Material Design.
  • App images and Icons stored in Drawable folders and multiple sizes (hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi and xxxhdpi).
  • App files and directory organized as Android recommendation.
  • All design code written in values/styles.xml file.
  • All string stored in values/strings.xml file
  • All layout parameters written in values/dimens.xml file (different file for small, normal, large and xlarge screen)
  • Colors code stored in values/colors.xml file.
  • Layout files stored in res/layout folder.
  • All app logics are organized in classes and methods.
  • Admob ad settings also written in values/strings.xml file.
  • Follow a good understandable naming convention for both files, directories and variables.


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