Design of a business website is as important as the salesperson that greets a customer in a store. First impressions matter immensely. I don’t think there’s someone who will argue with this. If your website is well designed you can gain a lot of customers for your business with it, and poor design is sure to ruin your business sooner or later. People do not have time or patience for poor design anymore, the world is moving too fast, there is huge competition in any niche, so it’s much easier for your prospective customers to find a competitor than endure your poor design.

There is no single correct answer but there is a natural progression that most developers take. It’s easier to start with the basics and slowly move into studying the more detailed programming languages.

What is the main thing for a Google-friendly website? If you think that likes, tweets, and shares are on top, you, probably, are crying someone a river now.

Content marketing can be extremely effective for extending your reach, driving traffic and helping you reach your business goals. However, some business owners report that content marketing just isn't effective for them - or at least isn't as effective as they'd like.

This post will outline some of the most common reasons your content marketing may be failing and what you can do to get back on track.

Are your prospecting emails getting ignored all the time? If the answer is “yes,” you’re not alone. Most salespeople today struggle to write sales emails that convert to actual business.